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Founded in 1991, GUEPE has been around for over 30 years!
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Our Vision and Mission

The French acronym GUEPE stands for Groupe uni des éducateurs-naturalistes et professionnels en environnement (or the united group of nature educators and professionals in environmental sciences). We are a non-profit organization offering educational and professional services to youth and the general public in the field of natural and environmental sciences, as well as in outdoor recreation. By making nature more accessible to our clientele, we increase awareness and encourage the respect of biodiversity.

Thanks to our expertise in helping people discover, understand and experience nature by creating a unique and personalized experience for everyone, we bring humans closer to nature in order to make environmental protection an inclusive and inspiring social project.

GUEPE Offers Numerous Activities for All Audiences, All Year Round.

For over 30 years, passion, collaboration and rigor have allowed our team to adapt and design various projects and offer a wide range of activities that meet the needs of all our audiences, all year long, including:

• The facilitation of educational activities and field trips for school groups;
• The organization and facilitation of summer camps or sleepaway camps specialized in natural and environmental sciences;
• Nature interpretation activities for the general public in order to raise awareness about the protection of biodiversity, as well as outdoor and tourist activities with the perspective of sustainable development;
• The design and facilitation of customized or turnkey activities, for professionals, companies or organizations to promote natural heritage.

You Are?

Whether you are a teacher, a professional or a citizen, we offer different services that are adapted to your needs and desires.

For teachers and educators


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For campers


For professionals


Already Know What You Want?

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Current Activities

Discover our current activities and projects!

Outdoor Recreation and Nature Camp

Discovery Activities for Seniors

Activities in Montreal Nature Parks

Summer Camp (Pointe-aux-Prairies)

Summer Camp (Bois-de-Liesse)

Insects in Action

Our Services

GUEPE activities can be divided into 4 main categories:

School Activities

Throughout the school year, we offer natural science activities to schools and daycares, in the classroom or outside. Activities are adapted to each grade.


We are recognized for our camps specialized in natural and environmental sciences, for children aged 5 to 12. We offer summer camps that are 100 % GUEPE, and also facilitate activities at day camps or sleepaway camps outside of our organization.

Activities for All Audiences

We offer a wide range of activities to discover, understand and experience nature in Montréal, Charlevoix and the Eastern Townships. These nature interpretation or outdoor activities are intended for all audiences and are often FREE.

Professional Services

We have a solid experience in the creation of content and the facilitation of customized and turnkey activities related to natural and environmental sciences, for professionals, companies or organizations, in order to promote the natural heritage of the area.


Our Regions

GUEPE is currently present in 3 regions: the Greater Montreal area, Charlevoix and the Eastern Townships.

Greater Montreal

Depending on the activities, GUEPE offers services to educational and daycare establishments of Greater Montreal, including activities in urban parks and in Montreal nature parks, thanks to its privileged partnership with the Montreal Service des grands parcs. Our team of nature educators is ready to help school groups, tourists and the general public discover biodiversity and little-known species present in green spaces of the Montreal region.


Since 2017, GUEPE is present in Charlevoix and offers, throughout the region, school activities, activities for day camps or sleepaway camps, customized and turnkey professional services, as well as nature interpretation and outdoor activities for the general public.

The objective is to discover the biodiversity and beauty of Charlevoix's natural environments, from the riverfront to the mountain trails.

Eastern Townships

GUEPE is newly present in the Eastern Townships. We offer school and camp activities, as well as professional services, in order to promote and help you discover the typical agricultural and natural environments of the Eastern Townships.

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