Working at GUEPE

Each year, GUEPE recruits many seasonal employees to join its team of 30 permanent employees. GUEPE is first and foremost an environmental non-profit organization (NPO) with strong values shared by all members of its team. If you like to work with different clients and on a wide variety of projects, if you love contact with nature, if team spirit and a friendly work environment are important to you, then you found your new family! Join us!

You are passionate about nature and the outdoors, you love connecting with people and you would like to join our summer team? Discover our current job offers!


GUEPE has been in existence for more than 30 years and is currently expanding throughout Quebec. We are hiring many nature educators in Montreal, Charlevoix and the Eastern Townships, but also customer service agents, rental clerks, team leaders and camp coordinators in Montreal.

Our Mission and Values

GUEPE offers educational and professional services related to natural and environmental sciences as well as outdoor recreation. By making nature more accessible to our clientele, we increase awareness and encourage the respect of biodiversity. Thanks to our expertise in helping people discover, understand and experience nature by creating a unique and personalized experience for everyone, we bring humans closer to nature in order to make environmental protection an inclusive and inspiring social project.

Passion: We use our team’s passion to awaken it in our audience. This passion, encouraged by the organization, is the result of the enthusiasm, dedication and curiosity of its employees.

Adaptation: It is with our creativity, innovative nature and critical thinking as well as our energy that we adapt to changes and situations, whatever the clientele, the environment or the conditions.

Collaboration: The synergy developed with our various partners is a key element in the success of our educational mandate as well as being essential within our teams.

Rigor: By combining scientific rigor, ethics and professionalism, we offer personalized services in a serious yet engaging environment.

Social responsibility:
 We participate in the creation of a societal project based on respect for the environment and the individual.

Benefits of Being Part of the GUEPE Family:

• Doing meaningful work to protect the environment;
• Growing among passionate people with a strong team spirit;
• Being a part of an expanding organization;
• Enjoying a pleasant work environment;
• Sharing knowledge about natural sciences with various audiences;
• Learning every day;
• Working in an exceptional natural setting;
• Having work days that are not alike.

Hear It From Them

To learn more about GUEPE, watch these short videos (in French)!

Presentation of GUEPE

Working at GUEPE

GUEPE's Values

GUEPE Occupations

See them for yourself!

Nature Educator

Summer Camp Nature Educator in Montreal

Winter Equipment Rental Team - Outdoor Recreation

Water Sports Equipment Rental Team - Outdoor Recreation

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