30 Years of Nature With You!

The French acronym GUEPE stands for Groupe uni des éducateurs-naturalistes et professionnels en environnement (or the united group of nature educators and professionals in environmental sciences). We are a non-profit organization (NPO), offering educational and professional services to youth and the general public in the sector of natural and environmental sciences and outdoor recreation.

GUEPE is now over 30!
Over 30 years of passion and collaboration and over 30 years in nature with you! 30 years that our employees are happy to help you discover, understand and experience nature all year long, in Montréal, Charlevoix and the Eastern Townships. GUEPE's strength is its dedicated teams and its values, which have remained constant over the years.


Passion: We use our team’s passion to awaken it in our audience. This passion, encouraged by the organization, is the result of the enthusiasm, dedication and curiosity of its employees.

Adaptation: It is with our creativity, innovative nature and critical thinking as well as our energy that we adapt to changes and situations, whatever the clientele, the environment or the conditions.

Collaboration: The synergy developed with our various partners is a key element in the success of our educational mandate as well as being essential within our teams.

Rigor: By combining scientific rigor, ethics and professionalism, we offer personalized services in a serious yet engaging environment.

Social responsibility: We participate in the creation of a societal project based on respect for the environment and the individual.



GUEPE is an NPO, a registered charity, and is also a social economy enterprise. We work extensively with neighbourhood organizations such as schools, school service centers and various community organizations.

We make proposals throughout the year to create projects that will allow everyone, children and adults alike, to experience free educational activities in natural and environmental sciences, as well as in outdoor recreation.  

Through these activities, we promote knowledge and attitudes favorable to the respect of biodiversity, in order to make protecting the environment an inclusive and inspiring social project.  

Generous donations from our community also help us offer activities at reduced rates.

In addition, we are involved in committees, boards of directors and roundtables with community partners to develop projects in neighbourhoods where we are active. These committees focus on collaborating with organizations that directly help youth and their families, that promote nature conservation and that are involved in popularizing science and the job of nature educator.

The Team

The GUEPE team is made up of permanent employees, listed below, as well as a number of contractual employees that strongly support us during busy seasons.

Agathe Rabourdin
Nature Educator
Anaïs Pouchkareff
Educational Programs Manager
Anne-Frédérique Préaux
Project Manager, Design
Aurélien Lauron-Moreau
Director of Operations
David Bernard
Regional Director - Charlevoix
Elsa Phouthonnesy
Customer Service Agent
Emilie Forget-Klein
Science Communicator
Etienne Benoit
Nature Educator
François-Vivier Gagnon
Nature Educator
Félix Brûlé
Reception and Facilitation - Parcours Gouin
Gabriel Gabard
Nature Educator
Gabrielle Fortin-Duchesne
Nature Educator
Gabrielle Lorimier-Dugas
Reception and Facilitation - Parcours Gouin
Geneviève Proulx
Parcours Gouin Coordinator
Hajar Jlassi
Reception and Facilitation - Parcours Gouin
Isaac Blaise Djoko
Nature Educator
Isabelle Robillard
Administrative and Customer Service Assistant
Jessica Leblanc
Nature Educator
Joannie Bouthillette
Project Manager, Eastern Townships
Julie Faure
Project Manager
Kim Bertrand
Project Manager, Outdoor Services
Louis Chartier
Human Resources Consultant
Louis Morin
Nature Educator
Manon Beaumont
Nature Educator
Marie Macé
Digital Communications Officer
Marion Gagné-Noël
Nature Educator
Mariska Lavoie
Reception and Facilitation - Parcours Gouin
Mélanie Dappen
Regional Director - Montréal
Nathalie Dion
General Director
Niels Langellotti
Nature Educator
Oussama Araoud
Nature Educator
Philippe Nadeau
Activity Coordinator - Charlevoiox
Sabrina Larochelle
Nature Educator and Customer Service Agent
Salomé Renauld
Nature Educator
Sarah Dupont
Nature Educator
Sarah Gaignard
Project Manager, Eastern Townships

The Board of Directors

We thank all the members of our board of directors who accompany and support us throughout the year in the evolution and development of GUEPE.

Frédéric Desmarais
Avocat en droit du travail et de l'emploi, Norton Rose Fullbright Canada
Marion Ancel
Conseillère principale Responsabilité d'entreprise, Transat
Steve Adams
Directeur principal, stratégie Québec, IG gestion de patrimoine
Coryell Boffy-Resel
Directeur principal, société et culture, Axelys
Catherine Primeau
Directrice, Énergie et changements climatiques, Produits forestiers Résolu
Daniella Acosta Montana
Conseillère en gestion et développement durable, Collège Sainte-Anne
Andrée-Lise Therrien
Cheffe de section, Communication de projets à la Commission de la construction du Québec
Nancy Rancourt
Vice-présidente Expérience client et performance organisationnelle, Axelys
Nathalie Dion
Ex Officio Director
Directrice générale, GUEPE
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