Nature Camp


Our activity program is specially designed for your child to enjoy the magic of nature! Archery, science experiments, shelter making, forest walks, nature interpretation, crafts and more is on the itinerary! This is a day camp that will enchant children from 5 to 11 years old!

Please note that the camp activities will be held in French.

Registrations for the week of December 4th : opening on November 28th at 1 p.m.


Camp: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A mimimum of 6 participants per day is required per nature park for the camp to take place.

If the strike does not take place, the camp will be cancelled.



Important message: The themes will be the same as the first week of the camp (November 21 to 24). The same games and activities are scheduled.

Nature and Its Secrets: nature walks, challenges,  forest critter captures, active games and tasting of delicious forest products: can you discover the mysteries of the forest?

Beaks and Feathers: Binoculars, nature walks, artifacts and active games will help you discover the world of birds and their adaptations.  

Adventure Challenge: Take on the challenges, build a shelter, use a compass, meet our animals, explore nature and discover the hidden treasure.

Furry Animals: Discover mammals and their amazing and fascinating adaptations while playing a cooperative game, racing, handling a live mammal, touching furs and skulls and walking through the forest.   


The Life of a Tree: Experience the world of plants from the roots in the soil to the highest branches of the trees, while learning the roles of plants during games, science experiments and a nature walk.

An Invertebrate World: In the grass, in the air, under the rocks: insects are everywhere. Discover these sometimes small but fascinating animals during educational games, captures and theobservation of live specimens. 

Aquatic Life: Solid, liquid, gas: water is a mystery. Let's explore the life of animals that live in the waterwith science experiments, an interpretation walk and educational games.

Ready for Winter: What do animals do in the winter? It's up to you to find out on this extraordinary winter adventure about adaptations while playing games, taking on team challenges and observing nature artifacts.  

Discovering ecosystems: Forest, undergrowth, fields, soil, stream… Let’s explore the park’s many ecosystems and learn the importance of biodiversity.


Winter Camp

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Montreal Nature Parks

$57 per day/participant

Age :

Kids (5 to 11 years old)

Season :
Date :

November 21st to December 4th 2023

Depending on the strike
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