To make a donation

To make a donation


Support GUEPE’s mission and projects!

GUEPE is a NPO legally founded on July 4, 1991. Your support is essential to our ongoing mission: To bring a better understanding of the world we live in through natural sciences and environmental education. Our mission to educate and raise awareness is achieved through individual passion for sciences and Human life, but mostly through respect for all living things on Earth.Sharing knowledge and being curious are essential in our quest for excellence when it comes to adapting for different activities, clients and partners. GUEPE is a registered charity, which allows us to issue tax receipts for the donations we receive.

To make a donation!

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Your donations help support:

  • Educational services in natural sciences and environment;
  • Access to our day camps and summer camp for children from underprivileged backgrounds;
  • GUEPE’s general mission, which is to offer its services and activities to the biggest possible number of young adventurers.

By donating to GUEPE, you also:

  • Help thousands of children and teenagers discover the world of natural and environmental sciences;
  • Offer a first contact with nature to a youths who have not had a chance to explore it yet;
  • Support a team of educator-naturalists and environmental professionals, who are passionate about popularizing science and sharing knowledge and transmitting knowledge to a diverse clientele.

From our whole team and from Nature itself... a thank you as big as the Earth for your support!